Pocketfold 7x7 Pearl (classic) $2.28
Backing 7x7 Champagnium $.42
2nd Backing 7x7 cut to 6.25x6.25 Pyrite $.42
Cardstock (Invitation) 7x7 cut to 6x6 Diamond $.42
Cardstock (RSVP) 3.5x5 Diamond $.23
RSVP Envelope 3.5x5 Ecru $.29
cardstock (Reception) 5x7 cut to 4x6.5 Diamond $.38
Cardstock (Directions) 5x7 cut to 4.5x6.5 Diamond $.38
Seal 2.75x1.75 Diamond $.23
Seal Backing 3x2 Champagnium $.23
Outer Envelope 7x7 Ecru $.67
Design Notes: Mount backings respectively.
Fonts: Felix Titling; Bickham Script
Print Process: Gold Thermography
* Cost quoted above is the "recipe" for the blank Envelopment pieces only, for Do-It-Yourselfers to recreate this piece. Prices listed here do not include printing, assembly, ribbons or accents. Custom Programs can provide all services from initial consultation and design to printing and assembly of the finished pieces, please contact us for a more complete quote. Prices subject to change without notice.